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Burdock Root Cut



Burdock is know for its ability to heal and support skin problems. It is also known to specifically remove harmful substances such as airborne pollutants from the blood stream before they harm your pet. Additionally it can help improve with your pets allergies a lot.

One of the biggest advantages of adding burdock root to your cat or dog's daily diet, aside from its safety, is that it is rich in several important vitamins and minerals. This herb is known to be high in calcium, iron, and phosphorus, as well as B vitamins.


  • Helpful as a blood-cleansing herb that detoxifies the liver, blood, kidneys and the lymphatic system.
  • Due to these properties, Burdock has a history of being used to reduce inflammation in joints and muscles and help lower fevers.
  • Ideal for toxic conditions which result in skin conditions such as dry scruffy skin, sores, boils, eczema.